July 2013

"Omni buys Barton Creek Resort & Spa in blockbuster deal"

Austin Business Journal
West Austin’s beloved and historic Barton Creek Resort and Spa was recently purchased by Omni Hotels and Resorts for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition is a part of Omni’s plan to build a five-property resort collection. Other properties acquired by Omni as a part of this compilation are located in California, North Carolina, and Virginia. 

"Landscaping to Boost Curb Appeal: Worth The Money?"

Popular Mechanics
A great deal of homeowners are realizing the importance of investing in curb appeal when it comes to improving the resale value of their homes. Tim Layton of Popular Mechanics endorses this idea, stating that not only do homes with improved curb appeal have higher property values than those without, but they also spend less time on the market. 
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